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Ah yes, I recall when the conservative think-tanks were hailing Singapore as the pinnacle of free-market healthcare. I wonder why they didn't point out the truly free-market healthcare in Somalia?

Time for a dose of facts: Singapore's healthcare system is pretty much Obamacare, if Obamacare relied more on government.

1) Mandate much? Individuals are required to contribute a percentage of their monthly salary based on age to a personal fund to pay for treatments and hospital expenditures.

2) Don't have enough savings? No worries, the Singapore government provides a safety net to cover expenses for which people can't afford.

3) Private health care plays an overall small role in Singapore, where public healthcare boasts the majority of doctors, nurses, and procedures.

Even conservative David Frum admits Singapore's healthcare is pretty much Obamacare with more government:

When you cheer for Singapore's healthcare, you're cheering for Obamacare.

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