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Originally Posted by Taco John View Post
It's not nearly as intelligent and organized, that's for certain. The first wave of the democrat civil war showed itself with OWS. They didn't get much accomplished because, unlike the tea party, they were too afraid to challenge their own establishment out of fear of losing power. Typical left stuff - spineless that way.

But after seeing the success of the tea party, I think they're going to figure out the game. Already there are a lot of liberals who have woken up to the idea that Hillary Clinton is nothing more than John McCain in drag. I mean, look at the post just above mine. That's coming from someone who would have been Hillary's base in 2008.

I could very well be wrong, but in my observations, the left is starting to take a step back and really ask themselves what they want, and reject what doesn't fall into that circle. This is what the tea party has already done years ago, and now they're moving into an election cycle where candidates are having to bend to the tea party will in order to get elected.

For what it's worth, I do think Hillary will get the nomination. I just think she's going to lose and it's going to be ugly. She matches up really badly with Rand Paul - hear me now and believe me later. The progressive base will be so confused with these two candidates on stage, with Hillary sounding like McCain of 2008, and Paul sounding like Obama of 2008. Their heads are going to spin when topics like Syria and other neocon hot buttons are brought up.
not really. once libs hear Paul views on domestic/fiscal policies, be it SS or medicare, unions, they'll kick him to curb without thinking twice about it. His foriegn policy,which I agree with to some extent,isn't going to pull libs to his corner. it isn't going to pull me into his corner,trust me what will count most is what he does here in america and there won't be nothing about Pauls liberatarian/ultra-conservative views that will attract libs.
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