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Originally Posted by Houshyamama View Post
I don't think anybody on this board would turn down the opportunity to have Jamaal Charles on this team.

Look, the Chiefs are playing well. They are 3-0. I'm willing to give them credit. No wins in the NFL are easy wins and they got 3 of them in a row.

As a Chiefs fan, you should be excited.

But let's withhold judgement on the true nature of the Chiefs until they perform well against a legitimate opponent.


All teams that are struggling. Jacksonville is competing for worst team in the league. You are a member of the AFC West, you should destroy them.

Dallas and Philadelphia are probably .500 ball clubs this year, ... maybe worse, who knows.

The point is, why would you come on to the message board of arguably the best team in the league and talk **** about beating three mediocre -at best- teams?

I look forward to playing the Chiefs this year. I'll be pumped up for sure.
Aggreed, congrats in coming out the stellar. I like having strong opponents. Less of a chance of having trap games. I really don't understand people like. Kfc and Bob... maybe they don't get enough attention. I really am interested in knowing why they come over here. Maybe Kfc can throw some more family smack around
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