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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
If after all that's happened, and what's happening now, the Dems run Clinton, especially with income inequality this bad, it means they've learned nothing, they intend to do nothing except support the status quo, and they deserve no one's support. They sure as hell won't get mine.
That may be the case, but we're talking realistically here. You are in the vast minority of people who, when it comes down to it, won't vote for "their" candidate.

I personally don't believe that all the people who say I voted for Ron Paul/Gary Johnson/Whoever the **** actually do...which is why those candidates end up with a sliver of a percent of the vote. If I had more faith in that, I would throw my vote behind someone I agree with closer to 100% ideologically.

However, since we've been talking about basic facts in several threads here today, the basic fact is that we are in a two party system. My first criterium for a candidate is that they are in favor of opening up the voter rolls, not closing them, as I believe the right to vote is the most important right we have remaining. That automatically negates the Republican party, based on their actions for the past several years (decades). At the moment, that only leaves the Democratic party to ensure that the Republicans don't gain power.

I'm pretty sure you and I had this exact same conversation leading up to the election.

If Libertarians could divorce themselves from the economic ideology that taxes = bad, I could easily support a Libertarian candidate. But that, much like Democrats growing backbones or Republicans not basing themselves entirely on leaving out whole segments of the population, is never going to happen.

Least worst for me. I vote on reality, not a hope and a prayer.
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