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Originally Posted by Taco John View Post
Why would he have the support of the fiscal base? I don't see it. He'll have to out-flank Paul to get that set, and he's not done anything of note to manage it. His big accomplishment to date is to anger the right with his immigration stance, and then tucking tail and hiding when the waters got too rough.

Rubio as a presidential candidate is such a long shot right now that I have a hard time seeing how he manages to get his name back into the picture without simply forcing the issue by showing up.

The way I see it, Rubio's campaign would end up a lot like Rick Perry's campaign ended up. Rubio is like Obama in that there's not a lot of substance there, but he looks pretty doing it.
I don't know much about Rand Paul yet. I would have much rather voted for his dad.

Rubio's stance on immigration is by no means a 'show-stopper'. Garnering Latino support is imperative for any winning Republican Presidential campaign.

I'd vote for Cruz, Ryan, Rubio, or Paul.
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