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CJ Anderson

Originally Posted by DaFace View Post
Hali seems to have an issue finishing the sack, but he clearly makes an impact. I can't for the life of me figure out why he whiffs on QBs so often.

As for Houston, the guy's a beast, pure and simple. I can honestly say I'd rather have Houston than Von at this point. I think Von's a better pure pass rusher, but Houston is incredibly versatile and does a great job dropping into coverage when he needs to. That type of thing confuses the hell out of offenses and has been a big part of our defense's success thus far.

Plus, he pays his speeding tickets.
Houston is overrated. He is an edge pass rusher and that is it. with the switch to the 3-4 he has been better setting the edge on run plays but even when he forces the play inside he falls off tackles and lets the RB through the hole which is one of the reasons kFc is so bad vs the run. Hali is even worse against the run.

Thursday night vs the Eagles Houston and Hali didn't show up in the game until after there was a double digit lead and Sutton (I think that is your DC's name) decided to let them just rush the passer.

McCoy and Vick both still had big yardage on the ground after that but Houston was able to get a couple sacks cleaning up Hali's wiffs.
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