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Originally Posted by Taco John View Post
Haha... Hillary is a mess. I welcome a Paul v. Hillary matchup knowing that Paul would pull a ton of Democrat voters if they run Neocon Hillary up there. The Democrats have huge cracks in their foundation right now, and those cracks are only going to become more pronounced the longer this lame duck presidency drones on...

The democrats have never been in a weaker position in my life time. In 2016, it is very likely that the Republicans will own all three branches of government.
based on what? what demographic is going to vote republican by such a wide margin that a republican wins the presidency? trust me once people realize how far to the right pauls policies are domesticly he'll be kicked out the door. I can agree with some of his policies on foreign issues but no way in hell is that going to outweigh his domestic policies. I would bet that you see more rethugs voting hillary then dems voting paul.
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