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Originally Posted by Fedaykin View Post
I'm responding to the idea of creating a huge barrier to preventative care.

$2,500 deductibles for even preventable care is an insurmountable barrier for a lot (maybe even most) people.

Do you think insurance agencies don't know how to minimize their costs? Companies whose primary business function is cost and risk analysis of medical care are wrong?
It is a barrier to preventative care. But one that an emotionally non-invested stakeholder cares nothing about.

Your personal life is of $0 value to that decision maker. In a socialized system, you are only a cost to be managed. And if you die at 50 because you didn't do any cancer screening, you'll probably still be less expensive to them than if you live to be 90 and die of something else.

If you have any doubt, I can pull out CMS' CT Colonography example again. Despite the fact that it works well. And many more people would be willing to get the screening (vs the probe-up-the-ass kind) meaning it would save many lives. And is cheaper per-procedure than the probe-up-the-ass.

Yet federal gatekeepers still won't pay for it. Why? Currently only about half of people keep up on the recommended frequency of preventative colonscopy. Because the probe-up-the-ass is unpleasant. The virtual CT procedure is much less unpleasant. And would be far more heavily utilized. Plainly put, it would cost Medicare more.

CMS is literally trading lives for dollars. And single payer will absolutely do the same thing.

I guess put another way, if you don't care enough to keep up on preventative care, nobody else is going to care for you. And nobody is going to take that on in the name of saving money. Because nobody, other than you and your loved ones, derives any real $$$ benefit from it.

Now there are targeted cases, where if a screening test is cheap and easy, and then it makes sense. But when looking at the entire 'preventative' market (again in pure dollars and cents), the old thinking about an ounce of prevention, etc, is mostly a myth.

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