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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
Tragedy of the Commons does not apply. Medical treatment is not a limited resource. Use a graduated, progressive single payer system combined with a strong, health care education system. Like I said, there can be no perfect system. Disease happens. People die.
Virtually every resource is a limited resource. Especially one bound by as much regulation as Healthcare.

And single payer systems all have a budget. That is a limited resource.

Patient A receiving an cutting-edge surgery to try to add a year or two to his life might cost as much as insulin for a few hundred Patient B diabetics over the same timeframe.

Give Patient A unfettered access to the "commons" (the single payer budget) and he'll take whatever he needs. All those Patient B's would get to fight over whatever's left.

For that reason, all single payer systems feature a gatekeeper to the "commons" Employing spreadsheets and formulas (or even who's who lists) to determine what Patient A is really worth compared to Patients B.

Well Funded Patient C gets to laugh at all of them and see his own provider who doesn't dink around with Patients A, B or their gatekeeper.
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