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Wesley Woodyard

I won't lie, I am a huge supporter of universal healthcare. Its the absolute most liberal-socialist thing about me. Had a friend in college with cancer and no insurance when he was diagnosed. Basically destroyed his family.

I truly believe that if we are to be the greatest country in the world we need to treat our dregs with as much respect and dignity as is afforded to those who can. And I believe whole heartedly that we can and should be able to afford healthcare for one and all.

That being said, I hate social security, and if we don't have a system whereby everyone can get healthcare with government assistance, we shouldn't allow anyone to get healthcare by government assistance. So I am fine with not raising the debt ceiling, but lets can medicare and social security. I'm sure all the old people, especially the old poorer right leaning folks, would love that. It meets the same needs and claims the GOP is calling for right now. Defund it all I say.
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