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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
We'll be playing this game over and over again until we decide, like wiser industrialized nations before us, that healthcare must be nationalized into a single payer system, which is the best of all the bad options available. You won't invent the perfect system. Why? Because people die no matter what you do.

Obamacare is a band-aid. The continual rise in costs will eventually bankrupt the health care system in the U.S., and maybe the U.S. itself if we let it. Pay me now. Pay me later. Das macht nichts.
Really, in the end, who cares who pays the bill anyway?

The Government pays through taxes and relatibely low admin expense

Private Insurers who cut 20% out of every $1 of premium for admin and other non-health related BS.

Honestly if you want savings, take the difference between Medicares 4% overhead and Private insurance's 20% overheard (and its only 20% because its mandated to be by law) and you should have Billions and Billions in money to pay actual expenses.
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