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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by Kid A View Post
Can't disagree with them, though I can't shake the opinion that a dominant wideout like Demaryius Thomas may have greater value than even an all-pro LT. If you had to lose one for the year, Clady or D Thomas, which would you choose?

Obviously there is a case to make for Clady having more value, but Thomas is an entire dimension of the offense (as are guys like AJ Green, Johnson, Marshall, Julio Jones).
It seems to me based on the idea of the ripple effect. The QB has the biggest effect. He initiates every offensive play. The entire offense ripples out from him. Then, he has to have protection. His blind side is the most critical area, so the ripple there is the LT protecting the QB is protecting the whole offense. It's like the number one concern in military movement is protecting your flank.

On D, the pass rush makes everything else better. A good pass rush makes for a better secondary and even for a better run D if your pass rush is good enough that you can scheme more man coverage. A WR is only one facet of the offense. If a team only has one good receiver, a good pass rush and double teaming can negate him. Not much ripple effect there. Plus, you have three or four receivers on the field on any given play.
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