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CJ Anderson

Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
Here's the one that didn't get answered:

3.) Any possiblity that Moreano gets traded now(heavy rumor based on nothing but need of a team and our preceived value of Moreano).

I don’t think there ever was. We’re investing high draft picks in the position because we’re seeking solutions, not eliminating options.
Thanks! I haven't always been a fan of Moreno. But the last 6 games of last year and the giants game shows that he's grown as a football player. No more dancing around He trusts what he sees and goes. There are people here who say "he ran up the back of the lineman". News flash TD sometimes did that too, and sometimes that's what the play will give up.

But here the big question. If Moreno continues on his current path, does he get a contract extension?
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