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Adam Gotsis

I have a good feeling the DL will have a good game on Monday. Thier number 1 job is to contain McFadden, then limit Pryor's run opportunities. If he has to pass to get any yardage, their done.

If Pryor has to pass to catch up and make it a game, it plays right into the strength of the team. Our DB's are too good and smart for him. He will hold on to the ball way too long to try and find an open receiver, thus giving time for the DL and/or blitzing LB's to drop him.

The Jags mistake was to focus mainly on McFadden, but they let Pryor get free too often, and because they suck offensively, he didn't really have to pass. The Broncos will be a challenge that should be too much for him, and them.
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