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Pat Bowlen

One in particularly involved a GM and the head coach. I was just an intern moving the name magnets on the draft board. The head coach was dead set on taking a certain DB in the first round. The GM said they needed to trade the pick and move back in the draft and that the DB would still be there. The head coach objected, but the GM promised him the DB would still be there. We traded the pick and the DB was picked a few spots later and we missed him. The head coach was so ticked off he left the office and didnít come back for the rest of the draft! The tension in the room was thick. In the end, the GM was right because the guy we picked will be a Hall of Fame WR candidate.
This sounds like the 2003 Cardinals. Didn't they trade their pick and Marcus Trufant was taken a few slots later? But they drafted Anquan Boldin that year in round two and he went crazy.
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