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Originally Posted by Drunken.Broncoholic2 View Post
What happened to Phillips last game? Was he in there much?
Both Phillips and Ayers got pressure but the two things I noticed:

1. Eli Manning was getting that ball out extremely quickly. Quicker than almost any other QB I've seen lately. His average snap to release time was around 2 seconds on most plays and it's almost impossible to get to the QB that quickly. The only other QB I've seen get rid of the ball that quickly is Peyton or Brady (last year when he had all his weapons).

2. Ayers/Phillips are what I call complimentary pass rushers. They'll push the pocket/defender or go around and get close, but they simply don't have the raw athleticism to disengage and close in on the QB in one fluid move. Guys like Doom/Von/Aldon Smith etc do.

I think those guys are decent complimentary pass rushers but you need the closers, the guys that finish to the QB and Von has that in spades. Let's hope Quanterrus Smith does as well.

The one player that I am very disapointed in so far is Derek Wolfe. I could be wrong but so far he's rarely disrupted the QB. For a guy getting a lot of snaps, he's simply not turning that into pressure.

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