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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by snowspot66 View Post
Holy **** I just realised that on Holiday's return TD he only had one or two blocks from our guys. Half of our guys were on the other side of the field and only show up after he runs by them. Damn he's fast.
There were 3 blocks that made it happen, but still, he did alot of that on his own. And it was funny as hell to see those 5 giants players all collide at the 50 yard like trying to get him, hahaha.

Von will definitely help the pass rush when he returns in 4 more games

Champ returning is going to make it that much better.

This defense will be really good again this year. Top 5 I will say. Looks like we're yet again the most well rounded equally balanced team in the NFL (offense, defense, ST). Just gotta put it all together when it's clutch time.

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