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Originally Posted by Agamemnon View Post
There's no redemption for Walt. The whole series is about a man's gradual descent into darkness.
I agree. He can't redeem what he's done and doesn't deserve to go out a hero, but I do think he will save Jesse and either die doing so or kill himself with the ricin afterward. I just wonder how they handle it, what kind of note the leave things on.

By the very end of last night Walt (especially in the phone call to Skylar where he knew the cops were listening) did seem to finally be accepting full blame for everything that happened. He has always tried to scapegoat others, but I think he gets now that it is all on him. It wouldn't make up for what he has done, but it would correct one mistake and result in some dead Nazis.

And, god, how can anyone hate Jesse? He's a traumatized, abused victim who never gets a break. I think they give him a hopeful ending, but who knows.
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