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Charles is on pace for just over 1k rushing this year. He totally disappeared for most of todays game, when they did rush him he was losing yardage. Something did click with 4 minutes to go in the 4th quarter but the lack of any sustained drives kept the Cowboys in it. In reality this is a game the Cowboys should have won on the road. A bad play call on 3rd goal, a dropped pass by Bryant on 3rd and long and the turning the ball over gave kFc a chance to win.
The thing that clicked late was that they were getting him out in space on the edge instead of up the middle like we had been doing all day long.

Jamaal is on pace to double his receiving yards.

He's in a different system now. This year he's on pace for about 1,600 all purpose yards and 10+ TD's. He's just getting yards in the passing game as opposed to simply rushing yards like last year.
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