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But they had 5 Pro bowlers!

Poe looks good, you were bound to hit on a DL after picking one all those years.

Dallas took the run away until the last 4 minutes, they repeatedly beat secondary coverage all day yet the bad turnovers killed them on the road.

kFc might win 8 games this year but not if Charles disappears like he did today.

Field position was the other factor that helped kFc out today.

I knew Smith had a noodle arm but I am amazed at just how many short passes he threw today. I only remember 2 passes down field and yet Dallas seemed content to give them the dink and dunk.
How did he disappear? He had a TD early in the game and over 100 all purpose yards.

Yes Alex Smith is doing a ton of dinking and dunking, but if I'm not mistaken it got him a botched punt return away from a SB.
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