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Default no game day thread WTF

when ever the real guy posts his thread this one can be deleted but i wana talk some F'n fooootballll !!!

ok so is it good luck or bad luck that im wearing my von miller jersey today.

i did not end up buying tickets for the game for all those that care (no body)

i will be going to a local bar/restaurant and watching the st louis game with my friend who is a die hard fan of theirs. there not a bad team to root for . hes kinda convinced that sam bradford is the second coming of peyton manning. i try to tell him nicely that bradford is a bum but he doesnt listen. i guess hes an ok qb if they gave him some real receivers. JARED COOK is going to be a STUD this year.

what do we think about the news developing in tampa bay? should oakland trade for josh freeman? should they suck it up for bridgewater? should they develope pryor? also ill declare the loser of todays oakland game vs jacksonville will have the top pick in this years draft. you can take that to the bank

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