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Nate Irving

Originally Posted by s0phr0syne View Post
I'd love to see Walton come back and succeed but there are serious doubts as to whether that can happen. Can he return to top form after sitting out the majority of two seasons? It's not always a foregone conclusion that a player gets back to where they were at in terms of playing level, let alone the physical/health aspect alone.
The good news is the Broncos seem to be taking this into account. If Manny works out his incentives kick in, and the Broncos have a reasonably paid backup G/C. If Walton comes back and he can't compete at a high level they have the flexibility to develop a younger player, be patient with Walton, or take a chance on a guy in FA without having to fear lack of depth at the position. It's a win across the board for the team because no matter what they end up with a starter or starting caliber backup and flexibility to strengthen the position.
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