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Originally Posted by DivineLegion View Post
Mannys play further solidifies the depth of the Brocos offensive line and this contract projects that production forward. I don't think there are any disillusions in the FO that JD Walton is the best C on this roster. Fans can argue all they want to the degree of Walton's production, and now health, what his value is to this team, but the evidence remains relavent to his status in their eyes. IMHO Walton provides an upgrade in intelligence, physicality, and can hold his own as a pass blocker in this system.

I'd love to see Walton come back and succeed but there are serious doubts as to whether that can happen. Can he return to top form after sitting out the majority of two seasons? It's not always a foregone conclusion that a player gets back to where they were at in terms of playing level, let alone the physical/health aspect alone.
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