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I surprised that the conclusion is that the Ravens front 4 was totally ineffective against Denver. In fact I think that the Ravens did a good job with their front four - PM rarely had a clean pocket and didn't have much time to make most of his throws. The problem for the Ravens was that PM simply has too many options at receiver and is so good in his presnap reads that he was getting the ball out in 2-3 sec on almost every play - he almost never had to go to his second option. The blitz only accentuated the fact that the Ravens could not get to Manning fast enough to give him trouble.

In general I think Suggs and Dumervil did a good job overall, Clady certainly looked rusty although I expect him to shake it off. Franklin was good but too often the Ravens shifted in order to get Elvis 1 on 1 with Julius Thomas or a RB whom he abused.

The Ravens dominated the LOS in the rushing attack. Our success in the running game came mostly to the R with Zane pulling and the combination of Vazquez and Franklin.

I see the Giants especially without Conner as a repeat of the Ravens Defense. Talented front four(although I think not as talented as Baltimore) with a lack of adequate coverage guys in their LB and safety corps.
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