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NTSA. I've explained to you and the other denier dopes the reasons why comments like the above are ignorant of the science, but you keep making them and proving that you're an idiot on the subject.

WTF is wrong with your brain?

I've never been a doomster or claimed our extinction was imminent or that the world was about to end. You're making up strawman bull****, again.

Likewise, if only one decade of one measure of anthropogenic climate change makes one change one's mind entirely, well, then such a person must be you, to be so stupid.

My opinions change when the facts change. What do your opinions do?
It's not a strawman, Wagsy. You're actively defending James "Venus Syndrome" Hansen in regards to exactly the kinds of things you say you don't agree with.

Once we come to some agreement on the hackery of Hansen et al, I think any of our other disagreements are fairly reconcilable.
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