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Originally Posted by ColoradoDarin View Post
Good. They probably don't even need to hire them, just announce it....
Completely agree, and it would be awesome if the whole thing was just a bluff. I had a horrible experience at Mile High back in '08 with a girl who is a big Chiefs fan. She cheered and clapped for about fifteen minutes until a guy two rows behind her began to loudly mimic and harass her. When I told him to shut up he claimed that I was just as bad as she was for bringing her to the game, and proceeded to throw peanut shells at the two of us for the rest of the game. Eventually she started crying during the fourth quarter, which he again loudly made fun of. Dude was hammered, but that's the closest I've ever come to fighting a stranger in public and just thinking about it makes me angry all over again.

I'm all about this announcement, provided they don't cramp the people just having fun with rival fans.
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