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Wes Welker

Originally Posted by Chris View Post
Last season I was sitting listening to this in an office in New York, now I'm doing it in my Berlin apartment. The podcast remains the same. YOSSSSSSS!
Last Season I was listening to this in England. This year I am listening to it in Virginia. Meh. I'd rather be in England, however, I too am glad that the awesomeness that is the podcast remains awesome. If anything I might like it better.

Great job everyone, particularly Rev., but props also to my faux Mormon Husband #2 Khan and TJ owner of the best Broncos board full of weirdos and meltdowns on the web. And to all, DO NOT WEAR KHAN's UNDERWEAR. I know where it's been and it's, well it's gotten around so yeah, don't do it, unless you like weird scratchy blotchy rashes in uncomfortable places.
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