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Originally Posted by W*GS View Post
What does "objective" mean, to you?

Was it wrong for the M.D.'s who studied the effect of smoking on health to advocate for restrictions on cigarettes? Why?

What "financial interest"? Do you really believe climate science is chock-full of corrupt scientists, getting rich while spreading lies for money? I know that's what Limbaugh and the other trogs tell you, but they're simply full of crap.

So, you support the idea that scientists should only talk about their science, and anything else they state is mere advocacy and suspect, so they should just STFU.
By that logic, the medical examiner who testified for the defense in the Zimmerman trial was an activist.

I love how Beavis continually gets in arguments with people who work in the field and thinks he has a leg to stand on. He's a jackass of all trades, but a master of none.
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