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You don't get it so ill spell it out...

It could be jay walking on 16th street while carrying his dad, that's not the point. The concern is he is already in trouble but continues to put himself in situations that anyone else would stop and say "hmm not a good idea, I better not".
Everyone gets it. It's obvious and not rocket science. What is to some of you, is perspective.

Is it stupid that he's driving with a suspended license? Yeah.

But, he got pulled over while driving with his dad and was given a ticket. Not arrested.

Those are really the only details that are relevant. Regardless if he had his license or not, he would have still gotten a ticket. That's the point.

When you look at the bigger picture, it's really not a big deal and players across the league and athletes get into this type of **** all the's just Von miller's status and his recent run in with the law causing this to be reported as a story.

Remember Julius Thomas story coming out about his failure to appear in court?

Yeah, you would have never heard of that if the Von Miller situation never happened.

Perspective people. Like I said, if some of you were judged like this on a daily basis, you'd probably struggle to survive.
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