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As others have said, as an isolated incident this isn't that bad but you'd be very naive to not be seriously worried about this guy by now.

It just seems like he's an unbelievably stupid man. Tragically, he's too stupid to realise just how stupid he is so he's too stupid to make efforts to control his stupidity.

He's certainly not the mortal lock he was for a massive contract in Denver that he seemed just a few months back. I'd have said he'll get it at the end of the 2014 season for sure just a few months back. Now? I could see us really making him prove he has his **** together before committing to him. We have an option for a 5th year on his rookie deal, we could even franchise him a couple of times... conceivably we could put off committing to a long term deal until the summer of 2016... we should know by then if he's ever gonna get his **** together.
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