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The clock has to have struck midnight for Hank and Gomez. No way they can survive being that heavily outgunned. I'm surprised they even survived the first volley. Can't see a credible way Walt still has his freedom, albeit on the lam, unless Hank and Gomez are dead. I have a guess who Walt's M-60 is for now.

But then again, I never saw Walt and Jesse escaping the RV after being cornered by Hank, or the laptop being destroyed in an evidence locker. I still think the electro-magnet was a bit far fetched though. Great TV none the less. Somebody told me Mythbusters did a Breaking Bad episode. Wonder if they busted that?

The show has used some foreshadowing I believe. Jesse's last friendly meeting with Walt, a fatherly hug goodbye. I think Walt and Walt Jr. have had their last scene together, another hug goodbye. Hank's call with Marie.

I really hope Todd and his uncle die slow, agonizing deaths.
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