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Malik Jackson

I'm as highly suspicious about the idea of economics being a science as I am about psychology. Waaaay too much subjectivity. What I do think you can go by is evidence. The best times America ever had were under the kind of progressive policies that built an enormous, thriving middle class. Every time we've gone away from that, every time we have reverted to a greed-based system, our country has gone in the ****ter. Trickle down, under any of its various names, has never worked. Unregulated markets have never worked. Laissez faire economics have never worked, except to the benefit of a very small sliver of the population at the top of the economic pyramid. Think of it as Downton Abbey economics: The many in the town work for the benefit of the manor so the few lords of the manor can live in luxury. And the workers get the leftovers.

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