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all @ same time

When did a follower of the Austrian School start caring about science? You guys reject empiricism and the scientific method in economics, after all.

Peter Schiff's failed predictions over the last decade:
DOW 2000
Gold 5000
Silver 100
Bond Market Implosion
Asia Decouple From America
Dollar Crash
Run-Away Inflation (Hyper-Inflation)
Foreign Stocks Preform Better Than US
Double-Digit Interest Rates
Ben Bernanke Wrong
Gold/DOW 1:1

To be clear, Schiff is a pundit for cable news, someone they can bring on for an entertaining opinion that sounds informed, a nice little debate on MSNBC or FOX for 5 minutes, but his thoughts on economics are not respected outside of the cable-news bubble.

Here's a list of the top economists cited in academic journals, from all walks of life, from all different ideologies:

Note Schiff's place on that list: nowhere, as he's not an economist. He's never even studied econ, his highest level of education is a bachelors in accounting. He regurgitates Rothbard's & Mises's ideas to laymen to make his (hilarious) predictions, which make him quite popular on the OM.

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