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Originally Posted by houghtam View Post
Syria's military is nothing to joke about, relative to the rest of the nations in the region. There is a reason for legitimate concern on their part. They do have a rater extensive and advanced air defense system, but that's about it.

Relative to our military however, even with outright backing from Russia, it's not even a contest. The majority of their Air Force consists of MiG 25's which, for frame of reference, were produced toward the end of the Vietnam war, and haven't been in production for about 30 years.

Russia's military has not been able to stand toe-to-toe with the US since 1980 or earlier. Outside of nukes, they haven't been a threat for over a generation.

The only nation in the world that comes even close is China, and even then we way outclass them.
This is why a US strike against Syria is so dangerous.

Syria is an ancient country. I am told, the only one in the region that was never conquered by the Assyrians -- and other ancient empires. The Syrians have resisted foreign domination for millennia.

They will never give up.

Apparently Israel will be picking the targets for the US to hit.

The Syrians have the world's largest stock of bio weapons and chemical weapons. God knows what else.

If we start degrading their air defenses and weaken them -- they may feel they are losing their deterrent with Israel. In which case -- it's use it or lose it.

Backed to the wall -- they will defend themselves with everything they have. Why is no one talking about this? It could get very ugly.

Prince Bander, the prince of darkness, is going around telling everyone that Syria won't do anything. They will sit there and take it.

This is just plain craziness. Bander is a war criminal. He is also implicated in 9/11.

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