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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
Several times. I think Franklin was expecting the outside move and got caught off guard like the Jets tackle when Von threw him with one arm.
Hmm . . I didn't see it that way. Franklin either took him outside wide and out of the play or he got walked back a few feet but didn't give up a pressure.

Maybe you're thinking of two plays on either side of the half. The first one near the end of the 2nd when Doom was lined up wide outside of Thomas with Franklin inside and Thomas didn't chip but released straight and Moreno ended up pushing Doom towards Manning.

The 2nd right at the start of the third when Thomas again, completely got stood up and walked back by Doom. Franklin had the DT but it ended up like it was his fault because he tried at the last minute to help chip Doom.

Either way Franklin had a pretty good game both against Doom and Upshaw.
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