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Joe Mays

Keep in mind that this SZB blocking scheme has a history here and elsewhere of turning seemingly pedestrian backs into 1000 yard rushers. The skill set necessary for success is different. We've seen this repeatedly. He seems to have the instincts to function in this system. Looking at our present situation, the running game is the one aspect of the offense that worries me. With McGahee gone, we have no real power back. Even Ball is only 215 pounds, and KM we all know has trouble staying on the field. That leaves 195 pound Ronnie Hillman, who still has to prov he can hang onto the ball. Anderson's built like a guy who can get yards after the initial hit, and in case it's been missed, he notched 5-6 ypc at Cal. I have a feeling he'll matter more than expected before the year is up.
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