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D.J. Williams

SoCals picks week 2

(2) Oregon 34 Virginia 14- Virginia is ok at home and had a nice win over BYU but Mike London doesn't have the horses to keep up here.
(3) Ohio State 52 San Diego St. 10- OSU had more issues than expected against Buffalo. This will be easier.
(4) Clemson 56 South Carolina St. 7- Rape.
(5) Stanford 31 San Jose St. 10- a little less scoring than people might think.
(11) Georgia 27 (6) South Carolina 17- Georgia won't lose t home to go 0-2. Gurley and Murray are too good for that.
(7) Texas A&M 52 Sam Houston St. 20- Johnny DBag could have more unsportsmanlike penalties than Sam Houston St. Has TDs although they did score a ton vs. a Division like III team last week.
(8) Louisville 51 E. Kentucky 16- Louisville continues its march to the Orange Bowl by going undefeated against garbage teams.
(9) LSU 37 UAB 7- LSU offense was better than I thought last week.
(13) Oklahoma State 42 UTSA 10- Larry Coker in for a rude awakening.
(17) Michigan 24 (14) Notre Dame 14- After a fast start ND was kinda punchless on offense against Temple. Michigan should win this game if they can get into the mid 20s.
(15) Texas 35 BYU 17- Sorry Khan. If you can't beat UVA you won't beat Texas, hot Mormon women notwithstanding.
(16) Oklahoma 31 West Virginia 17- WVU really unimpressive last week.
(19) Northwestern 24 Syracuse 22- Syracuse is a good team but have had a tough schedule the first two weeks.
(21) Wisconsin 49, Tenn. Tech 3- Wisconsins schedule so far is softer than Louisvilles...damn.
(22) Nebraska 45, Southern Miss 17- DBs team won't be as ****ty as they looked last week on defense.
(23) Baylor 44, Buffalo 23- Seastrunk won't win the Heisman but he is fun to watch. Have always been an Art Briles fan since he was coaching at Houston.
(24, AP) TCU 41, SE Louisiana 7- impressed with TCU in their loss to LSU last week.
(25) USC 24, Wash. St.23- I wouldn't be surprised if SC lost. They looked like hot garbage in a 30-13 win against lowly Hawaii and WSU played well at Auburn. This will be an all out war in SCs home opener. They look like a 5-6 loss team again. If this was in Pullman, I'd confidently go with Washington St. It's SCs home opener, so it could go either way.

And now for the big game

(12) Florida at (24, Coaches Poll) Miami (Fla.)

After watching one week of football, I think Miami is in 1999. In other words, we are becoming more talented and explosive offensively but not consistent quite yet and on defense we are going from awful to decent, rather than decent to really good. there are alot of parallels with 99 on this club. There is a ton of talent on offense, but we left 18 points on the field last week on offense with 2 dropped TDs and a 4th down stuff on the goal line. I said before the season we would be 10-2 or 9-3. I'm gonna stick with 9-3 and this is one of the 3. Miami's offensive line will probably have 3 draftees this year but the sum is less than the individual pieces. They had some SY issues with FAU that they shouldn't have had. UFs defensive line might be the best in college. Dominique Easley is going to give Shane McDermott a hell of a time. They get Morrison and Purifoy back as well. Miami needs to throw more to Coley and Waters as well as alot of TE usage. Duke Johnson is the best player on the field for either team but UF will load the box to stop him. We gotta make them pay. It is a tough defense to move the ball on..esp with those 2 guys back for them.

Fortunately, UFs offense is really mediocre. They can't throw at all, except maybe to Trey Burton out of the backfield. Miami's defense is significantly better than last year. I expect them to hold UF in check. Key is whether our offense turns it over and puts the D in a bad spot, which I expect to happen at least once. We need to stop the run on first down and get off the field on 3rd down. UF held it for 40 mins vs Toledo. That cannot happen here if we want to win. They get Matt Jones back so their run game will be better, but their OL is in shambles. Miami will win if they don't commit any turnovers and stay on the field close to or at 30 minutes and hold the run in check. All 3 are needed. Getting Deon Bush back will help. It will be a low scoring game. I just think UF is a little deeper, especially on defense. If they force Morris into some dumb throws we will be behind the 8 ball. This will be like the Penn St. Game in 1999,.....very competitive and entertaining, but ultimately we will end up a little bit short as we are 1-2 years of more good classes away from being at the top of the mountain again.

Jort wearing mullet sportin incest practicin rednecks 24, America's Finest 17
San Francisco 49ers OrangeMane Mock Draft GM
1. Bradley Chubb, DE NC State
3A. Austin Corbett, G Nevada
3B. Marcell Ateman, WR Oklahoma State
4A. Parry Nickerson, CB Tulane
4B. Oren Burks, S/"Big Nickel"/OLB/Star Vanderbilt (MUG's No. 1 overall prospect)
5. Josh Adams, RB Notre Dame
6. Matthew Thomas, OLB Florida State
7A. Cole Madison, G Washington State
7B. Natrell Jamerson, FS Wisconsin

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