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Originally Posted by SoCalBronco View Post
Miami 34 FAU 6.

Rashawn Scott I think broke his collarbone. Thankfully we are deep at WR. Defense played well, offense was very sloppy. Look forward to seeing Deon Bush in the lineup next week. They need to clean up alot of stuff to beat Florida. Right now they would lose by about 7-10. Need to be much more efficient on offense. Only the Duke showed up tonight...had a scare but is ok. Effort I saw tonight will not win next week. Morris was too sloppy and OL needs to be better in SY. I can see why Feliciano is ahead of Seantrel. Offense disappointed me tonight outside of Duke and Waters. They really didn't play well.

I liked what i saw from the D. Really liked AQM and Figatron. DTs were good. Tracy was a shutdown corner. Antonio Crawford needs some work. Liked the DL. Perryman didn't play well. Artie flashin a little late. Rodgers wasn't bad which is a big improvement for him.

Stacy Coley should have had 2 TD.....youngster is the most talented WR...but nervous in his first game with the drops. Dorsett didn't have it tonight.

I'm going with 9-3 this season. Losses to FSU, UF and one more game (maybe at UNC).

I think you will win next week, 24.
Prime gator bait!

The "scary" offense looked very sloppy to me and gators D will be too much for the Canes to beat. I'm hoping for a blowout, run them out of the stadium!
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