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Originally Posted by TheChamp24 View Post
I think the key is none of the autograph dealers/brokers/whatever wanted to confirm they paid Manziel to the NCAA because this stuff probably happens a lot, and would hinder the profitability in the future.
I mean, seriously, no college athlete is going to spend hours signing stuff and NOT receive money for doing it. However, there was probably really no clear evidence against Manziel other than the buttload of auto's on the market and some claims from dealers/brokers second hand.

Honestly though, I have a feeling A&M and Manziel have a crash this season. Something just feels off this year with him, and he's going to have a down year resulting in A&M going down.
The guy is circling the drain as it is. He's about to fall apart mentally. I just hope it's this year so he doesn't get an insane fortune to cry himself to sleep with at night. A horribly disappointing year would be a fantastic catalyst to his meltdown and exposure.
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