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This is your typical ESPN headline promoting a player they've been hyping as a Heisman hopeful:

Jadeveon Clowney, No. 6 South Carolina cruise past UNC in opener

You'd think with that headline that Clowney must have taken over the game and been a disruptive force for four quarters.

I know Jadeveon Clowney is a stud....ESPN has been reminding us every 30 seconds in the off chance we forget, but they probably shouldn't feature him in the headline of the game summary when he had 3 tackles and was gassed for much of the game:

Clowney did not have a sack and finished with three first-half tackles. The Tar Heels' fast-paced offense wore him down and forced him to the sideline for several pit stops, yet he and the defense mostly hemmed in North Carolina. Shaw and Thompson put South Carolina up 17-0 in the opening quarter.

ESPN should probably just replay and mix in the infamous hit he had on Michigan's Vincent Smith several times in the North Carolina/South Carolina game highlights lest we forget what a force of nature he is.

Like I said, I know he's a stud freak, but ESPN has been blow banging him non stop lately.
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