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CJ Anderson

Originally Posted by Smiling Assassin27 View Post
Clone Randy Rhoads. And then Eddie Van Halen.
Eddie is still alive though you wouldn't know it by his playing recently.

Again cloning may recreate the physical body and attributes but it is the life experiences that led them to greatness.

Think about it, Einstein had all that free time while working in the Post Office to work out his theories. Lennon lost his father, was raised by an Aunt. Most of his songs were written based on things that happened during his childhood in around where he lived. Strawberry fields, In My Life, even his later stuff like Mother and Julia were written because he lost his mother. Would a clone of him who had a happy childhood end up being a great song writer or would he end up punching a clock in IT or Accounting his whole life?

I tell you guys the only thing Cloning is good for is to recreate hot porn stars.
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