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Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
I say we just dump a **** load of cement on the northern part of Japan. Sorry, but any place that is prone to continuous massive earthquakes should not have a nuclear plant, especially one that is build by dumb asses.
There's more

The Metsamor power station is one of a mere handful of remaining nuclear reactors of its kind that were built without primary containment structures. All five of these first-generation water-moderated Soviet units are past or near their original retirement ages, but one salient fact sets Armenia's reactor apart from the four in Russia.

Metsamor lies on some of Earth's most earthquake-prone terrain.

and in the USA
Rory recently examined the potential effects of an accident or terrorist attack at the Indian Point nuclear-power plant in a film called Indian Point: Imagining the Unimaginable. Indian Point sits 24 miles north of New York City. An incident there would mean evacuating or exposing to deadly radiation a minimum of 10 million people. The plant causing the Japanese disaster sits 80 miles from the earthquake's epicenter; in 2008 Columbia University's Earth Institute discovered that Indian Point sits less than two miles from two separate faults—one of which, the Ramapo Fault Line, is the longest and most potentially devastating seismic zone in the Eastern U.S.
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