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Originally Posted by Old Dude View Post
Finally got around to watching the game on tape.

Hillman and Ball both had mixed performances. I realize that Moreno wasn't going against starters, but he still looks like the more complete back at this stage of their various careers. That's fairly disappointing so far as Hillman is concerned. (I'll give Ball slightly more rope since he's a rookie). The whistle should have blown before Hillman was stripped, but he has to take better care of the ball. We already know the refs hate us, (probably because Manning makes them work harder) so we are going to see more than our share of bad calls and crap like that.

Special teams coverage was awful, but I'm assuming that the cover squads are filled with backups trying to make the squad. God help us all if I'm wrong.

Ryan Clady deserves his new contract. The difference with him at LT was obvious. As it should be.

Still hard to see what's going on in the interior line, but I didn't see any of the three starters there getting blown up, and they did get a couple of nice seals.

Orange Julius makes the squad, but he'll need to drastically improve on his blocking assignments if he ever wants to start.

That up-tempo passing game is going to be wicked if Manning, DT, Welker and Decker can all stay healthy. Signs of life from Caldwell, too.

The defensive tackles looked pretty good. Even the backups. As a whole, this particular sub-squad may be the best I can remember in a long time here. With Woodyard at MLB we're going to need that.

Put me on the Nate Irving ain't so bad train.

DRC had a nice game. That was encouraging. With a diminished pass rush through the first six games of the season, they are going to have to be on their toes.

At least over the first few games, I think we're in for some old AFL-style shootouts. (which rarely happened in Denver, but old-timers know what I mean).
Agree with all of that. I honestly think we're fine at RB. No feature guy of the stature of Adrian Peterson, but how many teams have that luxury.

The combination of Hillman, Ball, Moreno, and possibly Lance Ball seem like an effective attack and the Broncos will have the luxury of sending fresh legs when needed.

I also think the defense is better than we think at this point. Yes, the temporary loss of Miller and Champ will hurt, but I do believe we have the depth to compensate to a great degree. We will see I suppose, but I'm not all that worried.
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