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CJ Anderson

Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
I'm not sure what the rules are for the RB other than find a crease, cut up and gain as many positive yards as possible. For the oline, it's about simply putting a hat on a defender, whomever that defender is (could be a LBer, could be a safety, could be a DE), because you are positioning yourself in a "zone" and you simply block whoever is there. When the ball snaps you see some of the back side blockers immediately cut blocking defensive lineman down because it's not about creating massive holes for the RB, it's about creating creases large enough for the RB to cut up and through. So if the play is going left, the right side offensive lineman guys are cut blocking while the left side offensive lineman guys are getting their helmets arcross the body of the defensive lineman and also getting up to the second level to cut off pursuing LBers and safeties. It takes offensive lineman who are quick off the ball and can get to the second level fast, cutting off pursuing defenders.

From what I remember about the game, Hillman did good on these pitch sweep plays as he had the speed. But he's got to be able to cut up inside and trust his linemen to be in front of any pursuing defender so as to create a "crease" where he can slip through.

Hillman is the only RB right now who can get around the edge. KM had a good run to the outside but the D never was able to get deep enough to set the edge on that play, KM didn't have to run outside the numbers.

Hillman's true role on this team will be change of pace and he should only be getting 15 carries tops after Ball takes control of the #1 job.

I am hoping by week 4 the RB rotation will be

KM (3rd down passing situations only)
whoever else makes the team.

No matter how it shakes out we have a solid rotation at a position that is really an afterthought in this offense as long as they don't get fumbleitis.
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