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Casey Kreiter

Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
So you don't think Blake, who was taken in that same 4th round, might get cut? And I'm not saying Bolden will get cut. I was asking if people thought it was possible. He's definitely on the bubble, but I agree he probably sticks.
I think it's absolutely possible. Once you get into the 4th round and later of the draft there are going to be a lot of guys that just don't pan out. You are primarily hoping for good depth from those slots and the occasional value hit. I think that Bolden may be valuable enough on special teams to hold down a spot in order to give him another year to progress, but to hold a 4th round pick not panning out against a GM would be absurd and I don't think that they will lose any sleep over it if he ends up being shown the door.

I think the writing is most definitely on the wall for Blake though. I'd be very surprised if he survives the final cut down.
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