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Originally Posted by Bronco X View Post
I'd have a problem if it seemed out of character for Jesse, but it's been well established that Jesse is intelligent enough to make the deduction.

The scenes where Huell lifts both the ricin cigarette and the joint are in the show. The joint was a little more obvious, but both times you'd miss it if you weren't paying attention. If you look for it, and given it happened to Jesse twice, it's not implausible that he figured it out.
Like you, I've watched all episodes recently and you break it down really well.

At first I thought Jesse was just pissed because he couldn't find his lighter (mixed with other concerns), but then I realized it was the dope he wanted and the way he kept looking back at the smokes it clicked for me. Clicked for him also apparently. Subtle.

The confession video was like getting smacked in the face though.

Good stuff.
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