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We may just find out who Obama is working for real soon. We are piling on trillions upon trillions in debt and I've stated several times. I think the Fed is full of **** that they can "taper" the money printing. All things are pointing to it accelerating if nothing else. The market is agreeing with me. Another war that doesn't protect the interests of the American people that we can't afford should be interesting. The backlash after the attack will certainly be interesting.


You can shove the left/righty stuff up your ass. I could care less about politics. We're on the verge of risking more American lives and billions for Israel. For what?

Oh guess what else. We are about to hit our debt limit again. Perfect time to drop more billions blowing people up.

Yup...Let's go toe to toe with Iran while we are at it. Russia. Bring it!

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