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Originally Posted by gyldenlove View Post
Typical misrepresentation of data. You take a dataset, discard the actual explanation, find a new hypothesis and present it as fact.

Vascular diseases and stroke spiked following the 2011 earthquake and tsunami following well described evidence from previous disasters in Japan that earthquakes are always followed by short lived increases in cardiovascular diseases. The reasons are well described, it is caused by discontinuation of medication due to infrastructure disruptions, sympathetic nervous responses causing increases in blood pressure, changes to diets and exercise, ingestion and inhalation of toxins and infections.

The same thing happened during the Kobe earthquake, and this same response was seen immediately following the Tohoku quake and tsunami all over the region, even before ***ushima began leaking and also in seen in regions that were exposed to excess radiation.

People abusing scientific data by substituting their own irrational claims as explanatory are very dangerous. This is no different than the claim that fetuses can feel pain at 20 weeks.
What a bunch of BS.

You are a good example of denial.

No, the same pattern was seen after Chernobyl -- as Dr Busby states in his interview.
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