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Originally Posted by nyuk nyuk View Post
Yes I know the Chernobyl building had no containment. That was my point. Emphasize potential release, not what is released. Containment facilities and reactors intact, even if somewhat damaged and leaking to a degree.
Containment has already been lost at ***ushima. The containment vessel for at least one of the reactors -- has been breached. Possibly more. This means we could face a China Syndrome -- a new and much worse release in the future.

Nor has containment prevented the release of huge amounts of radiation into the sea. The Japanese have flooded the reactors with water to keep the temperatures from rising -- but the water has been leaking into the sea -- contaminating the Pacific.

Also -- the spent fuel rods have no containment whatsoever. If they are exposed to air they will burn and this release alone would be vastly greater than Chernobyl.

The crisis is not over -- far from it. It will probably continue for many years -- as there is no real solution. MHG
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