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Originally Posted by errand View Post
when has Brady ever shoved his greatness down other player's throats?

Now Pats fans perhaps have spewed bull**** about how great Tom Brady is, and I admit his wife will throw his team mates under the bus, but I've not heard Brady himself toot his own horn about how great he is. If he has, please post the links or interviews.
when Manning was with the colts, most of the folks here on the mane hated him including myself. now that he is a Broncos, some on the mane act like they always had this deep respect for him because he was always such a class act. whatever... Brady and Manning are the same on and off the field. they both will do whatever it takes to win on the field and you will never hear from them off the field.

i hate Brady too, but im not going to make up BS about him. comments like this are ridiculously stupid.

It has to do with class and respect. Peyton simply plays the game. He is the best, he knows it but doesn't make it a point to shove it down people's throats. Brady is a gloryhound. No one guns for guys like Manning or Brees because they aren't a dick like Brady
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